As a writer it’s in your best interest to read voraciously. Immerse yourself in literature from, and about the time period, or place you’re writing about. Extensive volumes of literature and verse, all free. Reference sources, quotations and tons more.

Blue Rectangle Book reviews on video.

Good Reads virtual book library, reviews, online communities.

Historical Fiction Network
A list of books by year (of the story, not of publication).

Historical Novels by Margaret Donsbach. Search for historical novels within Eighteen categories, also contains reviews and more.

Indie Bound, independent booksellers rule!

Internet movie database Much can be learned from the comfort of your living room couch by taking advantage of the research done by others. Look for books, movies and TV shows related to your topic. Note local or period slang, clothing, and details about locations. Remember to double check facts. 

The Best of the Literary Journals (2006-2010) by Walter Cummings

Love the The latest news in books and authors, including awards, lists, reviews, small, alternative and university presses.

New Pages News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary magazines, alternative periodicals, and more.

Powell’s Books
Located in Portland, Oregon, Powell’s boasts all the righteousness of an independent bookstore, with easy online access for new, used and out of print books.


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