All about Dialogue tags By

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab has extensive information about punctuation, citations, formatting, and more.
(For more editing help see Revision)

Manuscript format
By the Tameri Guide for Writers. and literary agent Janet Reid.

How to format a business letter, from

Screenplay format from the Scriptwriter’s Network.

Scholarly format
MLA Formatting Guide From the OWL at Perdue.
APA Formatting Guide From the OWL at Perdue.

PDF files of scholarly papers available for downloading in MLA, APA and Chicago styles from the web site of Diana Hacker, author of “A Pocket Style Manual.”  Clear examples of how to annotate within the paper, and in the bibliography.

Automatic formatting tools for citations in MLA, APA, etc.


“Bedford Hanbook 6th Ed.” by Diana Hacker
“Pocket Style Manual 3rd Ed.” by Diana Hacker

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