On this date in history…. U.S. and world events, including economics, sports, entertainment, deaths and science, from any year between 1900 and now.

The Ellis Island Foundation
Search passanger arrivals from 1892-1924 by ethnicity, birth date, date of arrival, town or village of origin, and/or name of passenger ship. See copies of ship’s registers. Search and genealogy tips.


Historical Fiction
Exhaustive list of links, everything from British currency before 1971 to glove etiquette.

Catherine Lundoff’s tips and links
from Writing-world.com. Includes links to historical re-enactment groups.

Cindy Vallar’s links
Extensive links in categories: general, Civil war, by century, Asian history, costume history, English & Welsh history, European history, food and drink, maps, museums, medieval times, languages, old west, Scotland, transportation, women’s history, writer’s sites and more.

Historical Novels
by Margaret Donsbach. Search for historical novels within Eighteen categories. Also contains writing tips, resource lists and more.

Victorian Research Web
Scholarly resoures by Patrick Leary..


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