The Internet Public Library
The first public library of, and for the Internet community, the IPL provides a question answering service, among many other services.

The following library links don’t require a library account:
Scholarly search engine, chosen by university librarians.
The best library and reference sites in an easy to navigate package.

New York Public Library 
Digital gallery. Over 600,000 images.
Research guides for specific subject areas, everything from women’s studies to green building.

Libary Databases 
Most libraries pay for access to all sorts of cool databases, many of which can be accessed from your home computer if you have a library card.  Don’t hesitate to ask the reference librarian for help with these, either in person, or over the phone. Examples include:

ProQuest Newsstand
A database of over 500 National and International newspapers including theSan Francisco Chronicle.  Includes Historical Newspapers such as The New York Times from 1851 – 2004. Searchable online.

InfoTrac Magazines
Full text articles for 5,800 magazines and journals. Plus, abstracts and indexing for an additional 4,000+ magazines, many dating back to 1980.

EBSCO Magazines and Newspapers
General interest, business & health magazines and newspapers. Includes both full text and indexing as well as full text reference books.

Books In Print with Reviews
Five million books, audio books, and videos including in print, out-of-print, and forthcoming titles.

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