Avoid confusion by using distinct, interesting names.

“True, you will often find yourself in the presense of four or five Johns at the same time. Well, that’s one of the differences between life and fiction. Fiction is supposed to make sense.”
–Lawrence Block, “Telling Lies for Fun & Profit.”

Baby names
from Think Baby Names

Baby Name Lookup
Find meanings, generate random names.

Baby Name World
Names from around the world.

Cool Baby Names
Lots of searching options including biblical names, unisex names, ethnic names and place names. With meanings.

Indian names
These are Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain names from India, with meanings.

Irish Names
Ancient to modern, first and last, even house and boat names.

Last names
Simple to use database with mostly European surnames.

Medieval Names Archive
English, Old English and Anglo-Norman names.

Place, given and surnames
Contains about 204,000 place names (US city, county, state) and proper (first and last) names.

Social Security Names Database
love this database.  It’s incredibly useful for naming American characters. You can search for the top names in a given year, or trace the popularity of a name over the course of decades.

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