Avoid scams, literary fraud and pitfalls with SFWA’s warnings.

Copyright laws from the U.S. Copyright office.

Literary agents:, and are good places to begin your search. See agent Rachelle Gardner‘s blog for lots of insider info about the agent/writer relationship.

Oversimplified steps to publishing a book by yours truly.

Publishing Leads: Duotrope’s Digest is a free database of over 2575 current publications for short fiction, poetry and novels/collections.

Writing to Heal has an exhaustive list of paying markets for first person essays. provides a job list, advice, and other support for those who dream of writing and/or editing for magazines.
Editor Hope Clark offers free newsletters with extensive listings of markets, contests, fellowships and grants. provides job listings and more for media professionals. Check out their “How to Pitch” articles. screenwriting contests and markets online.

Newspapers a searchable database of world newspapers by

U.S. newspapers, magazines, radio and TV by

Personal essays, an extensive list of paying outlets by

Tips on getting published, see Tracy Culleton’s

Tips on how to write a book proposal. A must for non-fiction.

Tips on how to write a Promotion plan for your book.

Tips on selling to magazines and periodicals from

Tips on query letters, see Wendy Tokunaga‘s blog for an example of a successful query letter. See Query Shark for tips on what not to do.

The best books on publishing
Writer’s Market, by Robert Brewer. A guide to agents and more.
How to Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen.
Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual, by Dan Poynter.

A list of books on publishing from Jody Rein Books.

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