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FAQ Before ordering:

Are there tips that can help to find out whether it is a trustworthy essay service?

The simplest way to find out the truth about any essay writing service is to browse the web for testimonials from customers. Yet, it might be hard to find anything bad about them, because all of the custom writing organizations stand themselves as the most professional in their sphere. But be careful, as you might get trapped and receive orders of a bad quality from those “specialists”. Try to always be focused and check the needed information on a convincing websites with real customers` reviews. It will help you to make the final decision after all.

And how about the writers? They all say they are professionals with diplomas. But are they really?

It is important to ask about the team of the service, as well as you have a right to ask about their degree. The best option is to start collaboration with the company that can provide you direct contact with the writer who is going to be your partner for some time. Thus you will be able to ask additional questions during your cooperation.

What are main factors of the price for my order?

Mostly the price depends on the deadline you give the writer for your paperwork (the shorter the deadline is, the more money you will need to pay), as well, as the required topic, desired level of quality, type of paper you choose and total amount of pages. As well, as you might be charged additional payments for better services, like collaboration with one of the top 10 writers or a native English speaker, VIP support from a personal manager etc.

What if I want to check essay samples before I place my order with a service?

Online custom writing services usually do not face a problem with providing their samples for customers. Yet, if you don’t find any available on the website you can always contact their customer support and ask to send you some.

FAQ when Ordering:

How can I achieve the best result with my paperwork order?

The main thing is that you have to provide the service with as much information as possible, give some additional details and requirements if possible.

What if I want to contact my writer directly?

As a rule, try to work with companies that allows you direct communication with your writer. Check essay writing services reviews for more information and testimonials provided by real customers and their personal experience with specific service.

What if I would like to add corrections and additions to my paper?

You should take into consideration that the company or the writer wouldn’t do major corrections in your paperwork, especially if they are different from the original query at the beginning. Yet, making some edition, adding comments or giving some more accurate instructions during the work is possible. While making huge corrections or basically half-of-the-paper-rewriting when the order is almost complete would be prohibited.

And can I ask to see my raw paper before the author starts making the final variant?

Of course. If a company provides you with a direct contact with your writer you can, and you should ask for a pre-check before the final edition will be completed. In case there are something you don’t like or want to have additional information in it – you would be able to give that information straight to the writer for your paper to be the way you want.

FAQ after Ordering:

What if I don’t like the paper I received?

Remember, you can always ask your writer/service to make some correction. That is why you must know from the beginning that the company you are going to work with will allow and guarantees such services for free during your paperwork.

How about the revision? Can I ask them to do it?

There are many reliable companies that offer almost unlimited revisions until their customer is completely satisfied with his paper. Yet, make sure your demands for revision have to have reliable reasons and in accordance with the company`s policy. Also bear in mind that correction will be provided if there are any mistakes made by writer or the paper didn’t happen to be of a good quality as was promised.

How can I know that my paper isn’t full of plagiarism and is unique?

Most of the trustworthy writing companies make sure that the paper is totally plagiarism-free before sending it to the customer. If the company for any reason didn’t provide with plagiarism check, you can always make it on your own online (there are some free resources for plagiarism checking).

What if my teacher finds out about me using online essay service?

If you work with a trustworthy writing service your teacher will never find out. Such companies care about their reputation and always deliver 100% unique papers that won`t be shared around the web. So no worries about your teacher finding out that secret you keep to yourself.

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