Search Engines, searches the Internet via easy queries.

Google Advanced Search features lots of options for narrowing your results. For example, searching for Stacey Dennick in the first box, “all these words” brought up 641 results, most of them related to some other Stacey and random Dennicks. Using the second line, “This exact wording or phrase” resulted in 57 pages, all them about me. The fourth line, “don’t show pages that have…” is useful for eliminating commerical sites that clutter up your results. Add “.edu” to the last line, “search within a site or domain” to bring up only scholarly domains.

Direct Searchhas links to many “invisible” resources that aren’t entirely searchable/accessible from tools like Google.  Scholarly.

Info Mine
Scholarly search engine. Sites are chosen by university librarians.


Portal to info on science and technology; arts and humanties; health and life sciences and social sciences.

Library of Congress Business, Europe, folklife, geography, Hispanic, humanities and social studies, law, local history and genealogy, manuscripts, music, newspapers, prints and photos, science, and more. The best library and reference sites in an easy to navigate package.

Museum of Online Museums portal to the world’s art.

Open Directory Project constructed and maintained by a global community of volunteer editors, is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web.

Portals to the World in-depth info about nations around the world. From the Library of Congress.
News, news photos, “today in history,” politics and gossip, quotations, calendars, currency converters, magazines, search portals for practically everything, and dozens of other sites ranging from the world population clock to Kelley Blue book.

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