5 Article Writing Services That You Should Have a Look at

There are fine essay writing companies – and then there are awful essay freelance writing organizations. But however each organization has its own rating, we can’t judge them all for that. A service that presented an average-written essay to a student may have offered a fantastic element to an additional one; it all would depend […]

Five Most Interesting Books About Star Wars Universe

One of the wealthiest fictional universes ever created is The Star Wars franchise; complete with seemingly endless possibilities in a galaxy very far away. From toys to cartoons to video games, the films produce an endless horde of tie-in merchandise, only making sense that books would be added to the ranks as well. The Expanded […]

Outside In-Conceptual Reading

Introduction This key point in this book is to addresses the question regarding the relationship between contextual elements and architecture. According to the author, architecture and contextual elements known as field conditions are parts that make a whole common system. He uses the analogy of a contemporary city to show the relationship between the different […]

To Parker’s Back, a short story by Flannery O’Connor

I am responding to Parker’s Back, a short story by Flannery O’Connor, which shows how the human soul struggles against and towards the power of God. This story relates to my life in that there are times I try to escape reality but instead I end up being entrapped without any hope of escape. For […]