Q: Why did you create Writersquest.org?

A: Creative procrastination, and to keep track of all the wonderful resources I found while researching my final thesis (book-length fiction manuscript) for my MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco.

Many sites were buried in long lists of links, with no indication of what they contained. There were too many to keep track of with bookmarks, so I decided to put them into a more user-friendly form for myself, and my fellow writers.

Here are some questions and answers from various writing projects.

Q: Where Ritz crackers available in 1950?
A: Yes, they were developed in 1934, during the Great Depression, when Americans wanted affordable, yet seemingly classy food.

Q: What kind of gun would a WWI soldier have used?
A: Probably a German Luger or a British Webley.

Q: What does Aqua Velva smell like?
A: Aqua Velva Ice Blue, created in 1935 is a combination of the following–

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