Five Most Interesting Books About Star Wars Universe

One of the wealthiest fictional universes ever created is The Star Wars franchise; complete with seemingly endless possibilities in a galaxy very far away. From toys to cartoons to video games, the films produce an endless horde of tie-in merchandise, only making sense that books would be added to the ranks as well.

The Expanded Universe of Star Wars literary material ran smoothly until the rebooting by Disney in 2012, having begun back in the nineties. Disney paved the way to producing new films after buying Lucas film which no longer beheld to the wealth of continuity, Expanded Universe’s.

The Star Wars universe is more than animated television shows or a handful of blockbuster films. The sheer volume of material, being a double-edged sword, has provided dedicated fans plenty of new material of immersing themselves in, but deterring newcomers dipping their toes in the water as well.

The books continue to give us more limitless stories about Sith, Jedi, and our favorite characters. Below are five best new Star Wars Universe novels from all corners of the universe;

  1. Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy Hardcover – January 5, 2010

The book is adapted by Mike Baron, written by Timothy Zahn, and illustrated by Olivier Vatine. Luke Skywalker becomes the first in a Jedi Knights new line five years after the Empire falls. Princess Leia and Han Solo have married, and have together assumed the New Republic’s government’s burdens.

A dying part of the Empire lies across the galaxy lies- just discovering something that could bring it back to life- all the more dangerous near death, and it has!

Admiral Thrawn, the last of the Emperor’s warlords, is prepared to destroy the New Republic, with odds being stacked heavily against Leia, Luke, and Han!

  1. Star Wars: Darth Plagues

James Luceno writes the book. The Star Wars story of the mysterious Sith Lord Darth Plague alongside Darth Sidious, his apprentice is at long last revealed! The writer Luceno takes Darth Plagues down the dark path, never looking back.

Like every Sith Lords coming before him, he is seen absolutely craving power. But he possesses the ultimate power like no Sith Lord ever over life and death. While he publicly climbs to the highest government office, he secretly masters the ability of the dark side.

One desires to rule supreme; the other dreams of living forever. Together, they rule the galaxy after destroying the Jedi. By crafting a complex tale of desire and ambition, the author draws on his prodigious knowledge and storytelling skill of the Star Wars Universe.

  1. Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson

Captain Phasma, played by The Last Jedi and the Gwendoline Christie in The Force Awakens, is amongst the most intriguing characters in the new films. With a unique design, a no-nonsense, steely, leader of the Stormtrooper Corps, Phasma, unfortunately, receives less screen time and even precious little characterization.

But luckily, this read doesn’t disappoint, by getting inside the good captain’s chrome-domed skull. The origins of Phasma herself are chronicled by Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson. Two split periods are dealt with in the book; shortly before the actual film and ten years before The Force Awakens. Majority of the content of the book takes place in the latter.

Her story is told by Siv, her companion, keeping an aura of mystery about Phasma. Phasma’s story helps readers to understand what led her into the brutal warrior thoroughly she is in before we can see her in the films by finding her eking out on the planet Parnassos a horrid existence.

Phasma’s character is dimmed, with the film portraying her as a selfish, manipulative, brutal woman only looking out for herself. As much as the novel can be somehow slow at times, the conclusion is very satisfactory, with an unmatching atmosphere of the planet. It is a brutal end to a brutal tale.

  1. Specter of the Past. (Star Wars: The Hand of Thrawn)

The novel is written by Timothy Zahn, a Hugo Award-winning author. He triumphantly returns to the Star Wars universe. The New Republic faces a dead Imperial warlord, its most dangerous enemy yet.

Saving their most heinous plan for last, the Empire stands at the brink of total collapse. They hatch a plan that could destroy the New Republic in civil war and a bloodbath of genocide.

Then comes the shocking news that the most ruthless and cunning warlord in history, Grand Admiral Thrawn, apparently returning from the dead, has come to lead the Empire to a long-prophesied victory.

Facing incredible odds, Leia and Han race against time, preventing the New Republic from unraveling in the one from without and threats within. Meanwhile, Luke teams up with Mara Jade, tracking down a crew of clones in a mysterious pirate ship.

Those who lurk in the shadows, orchestrate a dark plan turning the Empire and the New Republic into their playthings.

  1. From A Certain Point Of View

From forty different science fiction authors, the book contains forty stories, being an anthology story. From a Certain Point of View emphasizes the sheer number of stories told in the Star Wars universe.

The stories showcase various characters around the first filming, A New Hope. There is much to love with some stories being stronger than others, but all interesting. Such include Glen Weldon’s ‘Of MSE-6 and Men’, Claudia Grey’s ‘Master & Apprentice’ and Alexander Freed’s ‘Contingency Plan.’

In summary, the books mentioned above are a great collection reflecting a love for the Star Wars universe. They will be an excellent read for any fan for the sheer variety they all present. Star Wars possesses endless possibilities and the collections above showcases that very well.



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