What to Read During Long Road

Reading on a journey is the most therapeutic thing one can do while on transit. When you are a bibliophile, this is the most refreshing way to veer off from the world and get into the world of the writer of the book. There is no better feeling than having such a divergence tactic, doing […]

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Even though it might seem easy to write a couple of arguments and think that you created an argumentative essay, the reality is different. When you decide to write an argumentative essay, you should offer very strong arguments and don’t leave any option to your audience but adopt your position. What is more, an argumentative […]

Outside In-Conceptual Reading

Introduction This key point in this book is to addresses the question regarding the relationship between contextual elements and architecture. According to the author, architecture and contextual elements known as field conditions are parts that make a whole common system. He uses the analogy of a contemporary city to show the relationship between the different […]

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