The theme of friendship in The Invention of Wings,’ by Sue Monk Kidd

Friendship is one of the predominant themes in the novel The Invention of Wings, ‘by Sue Monk Kidd. Using primary characters such as Sara Sue has been able to portray the subject vividly. Sara offbeat relationship and respect for each other make a significant, groundbreaking emotionally supportive network for every lady. In this novel, friendship rises above extremes of social position, class, and race (Kidd 4).

For instance, Sarah gets the endowment of knowledge from Handful that her psyche is subjugated. However, her body is free. Without this information, Sarah would not have possessed the capacity to choose to live autonomously or to wind up an abolitionist. Sarah additionally encounters her association with Handful as an obligation with a gigantic real pressure, through her ensuring to Charlotte to help Handful achieve freedom (Kidd 4).

In turn, Handful pit on many instances for Sarah especially when she lost her dream of becoming a lawyer. Handful, though she does not want to recognize that Sarah life in many ways is not free as it may look. Sarah would seem to have full privilege, but unfortunately, she is constrained.

Likewise, Handful perceives the multiple occasions that Sarah endeavors to secure her or help her; however, she might not have been fruitful. Notwithstanding, Handful encounters Sarah’s blame as a frightful pressure. Moreover, Handful can’t resist the opportunity to detest Sarah’s examinations of their circumstances and rejects Sarah’s compassion now and again, because the reality remains that they are not in equivalent circumstances, basically because of Handful’s oppression(Kidd 5).

From the novel, one can easily understand and appreciate the value of friendship by looking at the case of Sara. Through their relationship; both ladies come to comprehend and regard humankind in each other, rising above the part of slave and fancy women that would isolate them. If you want some other review on books about friendship you can check this a good friend essay.

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